Computer Repairs

Computer won’t start? Screen gone blue? Give us a call. We have the skills and know-how to repair or replace almost anything that might go wrong with your computer. We support both Windows computers as well as Macs.

IT Support

We offer all-round IT support for both home and small businesses. Modem/router setup, virus and malware removal, shared/networked printer setup, file sharing, wireless network setup, mobile device synching, etc. We can support you remotely, over the internet, or come to your home or business, depending on the need. Give us a call and let us help you.

Scheduled Computer Service

Just like cars, computers need regular maintenance to keep them running the way they should, reduce the chance of failure and lengthen their overall lifespan. We offer affordable and efficient computer services to help keep those pesky surprises to a minimum.

Backup Solutions

The main drawback about having one’s data in a digital format is the very real chance of it being deleted, corrupted, or lost due to hard drive failure. Data backups are not a nice-to-have, they are an absolute necessity. Without it you are setting yourself up for disappointment or worse – critical data loss that could cost your business dearly. Let us help you set up a backup solution that suits both your pocket and your needs so you can rest assured that your data is safe in case of a disaster.

Office 365 Setup and Support

With the release of Office 365, Microsoft have possibly created the single most powerful small business tool yet. With the option of affordable monthly or yearly payment structures you get all the Office programs that you know and love (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) with the incredible added benefit of a business class email solution, centralised online file storage with enterprise level security, Skype for Business and Microsoft’s corporate social platform, Yammer.

Until now these features have been restricted to big businesses with the capital to invest in very expensive servers and full time IT staff. Not anymore. As a Microsoft Online Service Provider (MOSP) we can help set up and maintain your own Office 365 Business environment.

Website Design

To offer you a one-stop IT solution, we’ve partnered with our friends in web design, Online presence has become so standard that businesses without a website are almost immediately dismissed as unprofessional. Let us help you give your business an online presence and accessibility to a wider target market.



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